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A Simple Question That Could Transform Your Business

Imagine one of your co-workers came up to you and said, "In 2014, what was our top product and how much did we sell?" How long would it take you to find the answer?

5 minutes? 15 minutes? Would you be able to get the answer yourself or do you have to go ask your finance guy? How much time is your company wasting every week because getting answers to simple questions is such a time sink involving multiple people? How many people are making decisions based on a guess because getting the right information is a struggle.

What if Cross Section gave you the correct answer in seconds?

With Cross Section, You'll Get

Dashboards, And More

Answer complex questions about your business. Cross Section is more than just a reporting tool.

Answers In Seconds

Save hours of work every week by getting your Key Performance Indicators with a few mouse clicks.

Take Out The Noise

Cross Section focuses on only the data you need when you need it.

No Need To Be A Tech Wiz

Easily export your data from Excel™ — no need to learn SQL or a download a separate app.

Answer Questions Like

"How many sales did my top two products have last year?"

In 4 seconds

Ok, So How Does It Work?


Grab Your Data

Export your data from Excel™ or your favorite data tool. Save it as a CSV.


Upload Your Data

Upload your CSV to our servers. Our data servers are protected 24/7 by the Amazon Web Services team. Your data is safe.


Customize and Enjoy

Layout charts to your heart's content. Explore your data. Invite your co-workers!

It's That Easy

Gain Invaluable Insight About Your Business

Start Understanding — Stop Guessing

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